Environmental Services

Environmental ServicesWenman Demolition aim to, during the demolition process, recycle 80% of materials arising within each contract, thus helping the environment and being cost efficient. Recycling is an important factor within our industry as when we efficiently recycle the components of a building i.e. crushing on site can provide secondary use of materials, then we can keep landfill to a minimum.

Asbestos is still present within many buildings today and is extremely dangerous. The amount, type and location can be identified in an asbestos survey, this is produced by a Licensed Testing and Consulting Company, if the findings state asbestos is present, by law must be removed and disposed of by a licensed Contractor within a controlled environment.

Wenman Demolition employ a highly competent and competitive, fully licensed Asbestos Contractor, specialising in asbestos survey’s and removals. Removals will be undertaken prior to demolition works, if during demolition works any asbestos materials is found within the building then demolition works will cease until these materials have been tested and removed.

Wenman Demolition have our own skips which we use on site clearance projects. These can also be hired.